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The “Land Register of Francis I” (1817 – 1861) is a comprehensive cartographical and statistical documentation of the natural, economic and social circumstances surrounding the Habsburg monarchy in the first half of the 19th century.  The measurement, soil assessment and earning power of all crown lands and the arrangement in tax districts and 30,556 land registry districts was a great technical and cultural-political achievement at a time after the Napoleonic Wars in which the Austrian monarchy had reached a new low.

 Since January of 2008 the Universities of Klagenfurt and Innsbruck have been working on a research project (funded with the support of the Austrian Scientific Fund – FWF) whose aim is to scientifically develop and examine the maps and records of the states of Carinthia and Bukovina

    Editions of the so-called “Land Register of Francis I” are being worked upon for both Carinthia and Bukovina.  This project is made possible in cooperation with the Commission for the History of the Habsburg monarchy from the Centre for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Carinthian State Archives, the National Archives in Ljubljana, the Provincial Archives in Suceava and Gorizia, the appropriate departments of the Carinthian State Government and the Land Registry Archives in the Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement in Vienna.  This project is about pilot studies that should test whether it is manageable to arrange the substantial amount of material so that the general research is open to a subject-specific analysis.  
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